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Harry Potter & The Midnight Revolution's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Harry Potter & The Midnight Revolution

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Originally Posted By: adrennalynnrush [28 Nov 2001|01:32am]

Lyra Stormrider

Before Lyra could continue speaking to Jen, Draco turned towards them with a sneer. "Back again already, Stormrider? Just can't get enough of me, can you?"

The petite auburn haired girl rolled her eyes, stepping completely into the compartment with Hermione right behind her. She was very pale and slender, one would almost say too slender. Her mass of curls bounced slightly as she spoke, hazel eyes narrowed as she regarded the tall blonde. "Please, Malfoy. I'd as soon snog something as repulsive as a goblin before I'd contemplate flirting with you."

The Stormrider family and the Malfoys had an ongoing feud that stretched quite a ways into the past, so of course, Lyra and Draco had to uphold the tradition. Turning back to Jen, Lyra gave her friend a bright smile. "Here, Hermione and I got you some Chocolate Frogs, since we know how much you like them. Last ones on the cart too!"

"Thanks!" Jen took the chocolate from Lyra, grinning. She loved Chocolate Frogs, and collecting the cards that came along with them. She and Lyra traded each other from cards they didn't have quite frequently. "Shouldn't you change into your school robes soon?"

"Yeah, but Lavender and Parvati are in the compartment playing that stupid 'Who would you rather date' game of theirs. Hermione and I couldn't take it anymore."

She glanced at Laurel, and noticing the prefects badge, smiled. "Congratulations on making prefect, Laurel." Laurel was one of the only Slytherin students that was actually nice to her.

Hermione touched Lyra's shoulder, leaning forward to whisper, "We're going to be arriving at the school soon, let's go see if we can throw Lavender and Parvati out long enough for us to change."
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Originally Posted By morgainehp [28 Nov 2001|01:28am]

Jen Ashford

A few minutes later, the now incredibly popular door once more slid open to reveal a slightly disheveled girl with long wavy dark hair and bright blue eyes in Gryffindor robes, carrying a squirming rat in her scratched hands. She said somewhat crossly, “Laurel, the next time you ask me to watch your stupid rat, I will laugh in your face.”

Laurel leapt out of her seat and bounded up to her, grinning. “Jen!”

All traces of belligerence melted away at the sight of her friend. She just couldn’t stay mad at anyone, especially Laurel. She sighed, and held the writhing rat out. Laurel pounced it, exclaiming “Ozymandias!” blissfully. She cuddled it up to her cheek as the rest of them watched her with amusement.

Jen looked around the cabin only to find looks of varying degrees of distaste on the faces of the Slytherins present (except Laurel's), and she suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious. She said somewhat uneasily to Laurel, “Maybe I should get back to my seat. Harry is watching Blodeuwedd for me, but I think Hedwig might get jealous.”

“Oh isn’t that sweet? Potter is baby-sitting her little owl,” Quicksilver snickered.

Jen flushed, but remained composed. She got incredibly touchy when anyone said anything nasty about Harry in her presence.

“No, stay for a few! I have some Pocky's Flavour Dipped Magic Wands. I saved you an Extra-Long Men’s Flavour.” She winked.

Jen couldn’t help but smirk. “In that case...” She tentatively sat down across from Gerald Tarrant, trying hard to ignore the nasty looks Malfoy kept throwing her direction. “So Laurel... Congratulations on the prefect appointment. I guess that means you get to use the prefects’ bathroom. Harry told me that it was incredibly posh.”

“Of course she gets to use the bloody bathroom. Like that wasn't obvious, as she's wearing the bloody badge,” Malfoy sneered. He then cowered slightly at the consequent look Laurel shot him, and refrained from further commentation.

Laurel tossed her a Wand from across the room, and she caught it one handed. Gerald raised an eyebrow, and said with cool indifference, “Not bad, Ashford. Trying out for the House team this year?”

Jen kept her statement nonchalant. “Maybe.” She busied herself with opening the Wand, shooting Laurel an amused glace before biting into it. “Hey Laurel,” she said mischievously after she had swallowed a bite. “Got any... coconut... flavoured ones?”

Laurel stifled a snort of laughter. “I gave them to Draco."

To Draco’s surprise and discomfort, Jen sized him up, then snickered.

He said irritably, “What’s so damned funny?”

Jen just shook her head. “Never mind.”

Damn females and their inside jokes, he thought. He had a feeling that they were making fun of him, and the idea of a Mudblood making fun of him was really quite unbearable.

The door opened yet again, and Lyra poked her head in. “There you are, Jen! Hermione and I have been looking everywhere for you!”
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Originally Posted By practical_magic [28 Nov 2001|01:25am]

Laurel Gand

Just then the cabin's door slid open again, revealing a short, bespectacled girl struggling with several parcels and trunks. Turning, she nudged the door closed with her foot, muttering waspishly about chivalry.

Catching sight of the tall silver-blonde standing a few feet away, she called, "Well don't just stand there like a git, Malfoy! Help me!" The Slytherin grimaced, but took the largest of her trunks while she beamed up at him.

Quicksilver grinned and waved at Laurel. The Slytherin girl's reddish brown hair fell in soft ringlets to her shoulders and her robes were slightly askew. Within five minutes of meeting her, with her open face and cheerful manner, most would instantly say "Hufflepuff". Sometimes the Sorting Hat surprised them all.

What was really surprising, though, was Draco's reaction to her-- it wasn't like a Malfoy to tolerate a half-born wizard, even a fellow Slytherin, without a few choice remarks. Quicksilver supposed it was the Gand family name, which dated back at least as far as the four Hogwart's founders.

"Pleasant summer, Laurel?" Gerald asked, eyes twinkling.

"Gerrrrrrrrr!" Laurel shrieked and dashed over to the other blonde. "Tolerable. Oh, it's simply marvelous to see you, it's been ages!" She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and grinned possessively at Quicksilver. She carelessly spilled the rest of her packages into the empty seat beside Gerald and returned her attention to the other Slytherin present, who was struggling to lift Laurel's trunk into the overhead compartment.

"Honestly, where are those two hulking lumps of yours when you need one, Draco?" she said, reaching up underneath him to push. He grunted in reply. Finally the trunk squeezed in.

"Thanks." Laurel touched Draco's wrist. He smiled at her briefly, then touched the silver badge on her robes.

"What's this, then?" he asked. "You're a prefect?"

Gerald looked closer and saw that Laurel was indeed sporting a polished silver badge with the letter "P" on her robes. "Well, congratulations!" he said, grinning.

Laurel laughed and swept her other packages off the upholestry before sitting down as close to Ger as she could, ignoring Quicksilver's dagger-glare. "Yes, I just got the owl last week. It's quite an honor. Of course, I'd had a hint of it before, in a vision." Laurel was already showing some talent for Divination, and more often than not her predictions came true. She cuddled a bit closer, then patted the seat next to her. "Here, Draco, you might as well sit down. I've brought snacks for us all!"

Laurel unwrapped one of her parcels as Draco sat down.

"What'd you buy?" Quicksilver asked.

"They were already out of Chocolate Frogs... I'm sorry, Ger, I know you like them... but I did get cases and cases of Pocky's Flavour Dipped Magic Wands for us to share." She tossed a package of coconut flavoured to Draco and strawberry to Gerald.

With a catty grin, Laurel handed another package to Quicksilver. "I thought lemon-dipped would match that sour expression perfectly, darling." With a giggle, she hid behind Gerald as the other girl lunged for her, growling. "Aaahhh! Ger, safe meeeee!" she cried.

Gerald shook his head, and separated the two girls. "Calm down! You're both Slytherins.... act like it. And you a Prefect this term...."

Unrepentant, Laurel shrugged and unwrapped her own magic wand, twice as large as the others and a dark chocolate colour.

"What in the world is THAT?" Draco choked, staring at the girl as she brought the candy to her lips.

"Men's Extra Long Flavour!" Laurel smirked.

"Go, Laurel!" Quicksilver exclaimed, and the two grinned impishly at Tarrant, who was blushing slightly.

"Oh, by the way, I invited Jen to come visit. I asked her to bring Ozymandias back as I couldn't manage him and all these packages."

That was another personality quirk of Laurel's, Quicksilver reflected, enjoying her magic wands. She had the strangest friendships outside of Slytherin, even with Gryffindors!

Draco groaned theatrically. "Oh, God, not her! She's worse than that Weasley girl, always mooning about over Potter. I don't see why you insist on consorting with those Gryffindors."

Laurel huffed and said, "Jen's my friend, and you will be nice to her, Malfoy."

"And why should I, she's just a Mud--"

The temperature in the cabin chilled several degrees as Laurel fixed Malfoy with a calm stare. Then she spoke quietly.

"Why? Because if you aren't I will rip out your spleen and feed it to my rat." She smiled brightly at Draco, who was looking rather pale... that is to say, paler, at the thought.

Gerald exchanged an amused glance with Quicksilver. Laurel was already chatting about her summer as if she hadn't a care in the world.

Defnitely a Slytherin, Quicksilver thought.
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Originally Posted By aishuu [28 Nov 2001|01:24am]


"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Gerald!" she said, dropping what she was doing to bounce to her feet and give him a tight hug. He flushed. Most Slytherins didn't like being touched, but Quicksilver was constantly draping herself all over him. Between her and Laurel, he was getting a somewhat unwanted reputation as a player. "Did you miss me?"

Quicksilver was evidence that the Sorting Hat REALLY rummaged through people's minds before placing them in a house. Most people would have guessed that the giggling girl would have been in the Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw House, but the Hat had shouted Slytherin after an amazingly long time.

Gerald had wondered about that until he had seen the girl in one of her Moods.

"Like a canker sore," he mumbled, trying to free himself.

She pouted playfully, tossing a handful of her green hair back over her shoulder. "Sometimes you're just no fun. I savd you a seat- Laur went to get some candy, and she'll be back shortly. I have a pomgranate here somewhere..."

"That's nice of you," Ger said.

Malfoy peeked over his shoulder to see the girl. She frowned up at him. "How come you're taller then me?!" she wailed. "EVERYONE'S taller then me!"

He ignored her question, studying her rather bright hair. "Did you have another accident?" he asked. Quicksilver, while bright, was notorious for causing explosions that had interesting repercussions. She blamed it on bad luck; Gerald blamed it on the fact that she seemed to have her had in the clouds more often then not.

"I dyed it! Slytherin Green!" she declared proudly.

"You're absolutely bonkers," Draco stated.

Quicksilver nodded cheerfully. "It's more fun that way. That badge looks simply splendid, Ger. It's certainly in the right place."

Draco's silver eyes flashed dangerously, but Gerald interrupted before an argument could erupt. "It was a lot of work. I'm amazed that you weren't considered. Your grades are as high as mine."

She shrugged. "Too much work. I have other... projects I want to spend my time on. Besides- your being prefect works out well for me. You do the work, I can reap the advantages." A truly Slytherin line of thought.

"Who says I'm going to cooperate with you?" Gerald asked, not liking her presumption.

She smiled, a sly twist in her lips. "Why, Ger-bear! We're friends! And I happen to know all sorts of interesting things you'd rather keep quiet!"
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Originally Posted By darcenciel [28 Nov 2001|01:19am]

Gerald Tarrant

As usual, Platform 9 3/4 was crowded with returning Hogwarts students and nervous first-years, crowding towards the train with their baggage, darting in to save seats and hanging back to say a last goodbye to siblings and parents.

It was getting hot and stuffy, Gerald Tarrant thought, pushing his silver-blond hair out of his eyes and trying to wave the last of the first-years on the train as the whistle blew. The prefect badge on his robes was newly polished, and he could feel its weight everytime he moved his arm. Which was nice.

It wasn't every boy who got to be a prefect.

"All first years on the train NOW!" He shouted. "Unless you want to get left behind!"

He swung onto the steps of the train behind the last scuttling first-year right as the great whistle blew and the train started to move. Ducking inside the cabin, he closed the door and heaved a deep breath.

"Steady there, Tarrant," came a voice by his ear. "You look like you're wearing yourself out."

"Knock off, Malfoy," Gerald said, smiling and turning around to face the boy standing by his right elbow, who was now almost half a head taller than he was. Draco Malfoy had grown over the summer, but unlike the lanky growth spurts of other teenage boys, he had somehow managed to sidestep the gawky look. He simply looked taller, slimmer, more dangerous.

He was, after all, a Malfoy.

Gerald suspected that the Tarrant and Malfoy families were related. Distant cousins, perhaps, but he and Draco Malfoy looked too alike for it to be just coincidence. Generations of Tarrants had gone through Hogwarts, always in Slytherin just as the Malfoys were. Gerald was no exception, and when his family had heard about him being appointed as prefect the previous year, his father had shrugged.

"Of course," Andrys Tarrant had said. "Of course you'd get prefect. You are my son, after all."

How he'd gotten prefect and Malfoy hadn't, Gerald had no clue. Draco was Snape's pet, his favorite student, but someone Draco hadn't even been considered for the position. Not that Malfoy cared either way. Gerald had been a second-year when Malfoy had been in his first year, and even then he'd seen that the boy would follow no one's rules.

"Looks like we've got some good kids for Slytherin selection," Malfoy said, following at Gerald's side as he headed into the cabin to make sure that all the students were sitting down and not doing something too distracting, like letting chocolate frogs loose down the hallway.

"How do you figure that?"

"The Parkinson twins are starting their first year, and so is the Gibson's second boy. And your cousin...whatever her name is."

"Clarissa," Gerald said absently. "She's all right. She'll probably be in Slytherin, but she's pretty shy."

Draco shrugged. "She'll grow out of it. I did."

"You were never shy," Gerald said.

"Plotting something?"

He turned around to find Hermione Granger and Lyra Stormrider standing behind him. He'd never liked those two, though he knew that most of the Slytherins had more of a problem with them than he did. Perhaps it was being a grade ahead of them, or maybe it was because of his prefect status, but he'd never found them anything more than a slight annoyance.

"Well, if it isn't Miss Nosy and her sidekick," Malfoy said, sneering.

"Speaking of sidekicks," Lyra shot back, "where are yours, Malfoy?"

"Draco," Gerald said warningly, "leave it."

Malfoy shot the girls a warning glare before turning his back and continuing down the hallway.

"They're not worth it, Malfoy," Gerald said. "And where ARE your two cronies?"

Draco shrugged. "It passes the time. And Crabbe and Goyle are sleeping."

"What passes the time?"

Gerald blinked before he realized the voice was coming from the cabin to his left. He stuck his head inside, waving a hello to the girl who was sitting on one of the benches and rummaging in her bag.

"Hello, Quicksilver."
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